Sunday, April 27, 2008

23 Things Part 10

This "thing" starts our exploration of wikis. I'll admit that I've known about wikis for quite a while but hadn't really thought about how they could be used educationally. Not very smart on my part. After taking a look at some of the wikis that are available, I can easily see how they could be used. Using them in a classroom would be one thing. I'll also explore using them for professional development. Using them as professional development may allow me to do some differentiation. Wikis could allow for teachers to be able to follow different paths depending upon their expertise with a particular subject. Wikis allows for some awesome collaboration on a variety of projects.

23 Things listed these reasons for using Wikis:
Wikis have great potential as an educational tool for both teachers and
students because they encourage collaborative learning and resource
sharing. Among the things they can be used for are:
- Collaborative writing
- Brainstorming
- Creation and organization of content and study guides
- Lesson summaries
- Group notetaking
- Dissemination of classroom information
- Literature circles
- Collaborative textbooks
- Resource collections
- Vocabulary study

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RESA 23Things said...

Wikis are one of my favorite tools for supporting PD. Not only can I post resources, but participants can also share their learning with each other. And wikis are so easy!