Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thing 13

Thing 13 asks us to subscribe to podcasts. Since, I've long been a subscriber (oh, and did I mention a podcaster - check out Middle School Matters), I'll share some of my favorites:

Buzz Out Loud - a daily show from the nice people at Cnet. Tom Merritt and Molly Wood are the usual hosts
Daily Giz Wiz - Dick Debartolo and Leo Laporte. Dick is billed as "MAD's Maddest writer". This one is usually short 15 minutes or so. The joy is not the technology that they talk about, but their banter.
MacBreak Weekly - good information about what's going on in the Mac world.
MacCast - a long running podcast by Adam Christenson. This is a high quality podcast about "all things Macintosh".
Middle School Matters - selfless plug again.
Net at Nite - Amber Macauther and Leoporte talk about stuff going on on the net.
Practical Principals - a couple of principals having a friendly discussion.
Surfbits - Another Mac centric podcast.
TedTalks- A video podcast that sends out talks from the TED conference. TED has some terrific talks from fascinating people. If you've not checked this one out, you owe it yourself to take a look.
The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab - Two friends talk about the Mac. Mostly, they answer listeners questions and offer advice.
The Tech Night Owl- a longer podcast. The host (Gene Steinberg) isn't always my favorite, but he gets some good guests on.
The Tech Teachers- Ray and Hollye talk about using technology in teaching. Ray is a high school science teacher, Hollye teaches Middle School Spanish (until next year when she moves to the High School)
This Week in Media- Alex Lyndsay leads this group of media insiders.
This Week in Tech - The grand daddy of podcasts. Leo Laporte leads an ever changing crew (lots of regulars- including John C. Davorak).

Well, that's a few of my regular listens. What are yours?

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RESA 23Things said...

Thanks for sharing a lot of interesting podcasts. Can you share some of your strategies for finding time to listen to the podcasts to which you subscribe?