Saturday, February 24, 2007

Survey Results

We've (OK, Shawn) done a little bit of a survey to find out if there is interest in such a podcast as we've proposed. We've gleaned some interesting information. Most of the respondents (middle school educators at a conference) do not currently listen to a podcast (not really a surprise). Many seemed interested in listening to one though. Most of the respondents do use iTunes, however, They were interested in a wide variety of topics (see below). Some mentioned a time length (we're guessing that these people already listen to podcasts). There was more information that we're digesting. Here is a partial list of the potential topics:

* Curriculum Assessment Schedules
* Relationship building, creating an authentic sense of community
* Scheduling
* Academics
* New innovations in technology/teaming/grouping, Inclusion, Curriculum, Achievement Testing, Recognition
* Academic Achievement
* Teaming, interdisciplinary Units, Co-Teaching
* Advisory, People doing Special Ed. well
* Team Teaching
* Teaming ideas, interventions (academic and behavioral), discipline issues, new things kids are doing
* Bullying, teaming
* Differentiated Instruction, Advisory
* Teaming, Advisory
* Teaming, How various schools beat the budget/$$ problems
* How to deal with student issues
* Scheduling
* Transition programs
* Changing middle school students Attitudes in wanting to learn. (Motivating student learning)
* Motivating students, how to reduce discipline problems.

What do you think? Do any of these topics surprise you? Are there any topics that should have been included? Let us know.

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